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until the world comes to an end,
we won't be apart
Saturday, December 27, 20083:25 AM

helew there, aku baru abis dngani kak nong food shopping d kadai kaling, ehehe. then like most of my cousins were taking care of me, si adi n si aming, like for instance tadi, after i went food shopping earlier in the afternoon buying things for sedakah hari isnin awl tahun hijrah, my cousin, pijah called me asking if i wanna cook for dinner, then i said maybe not, then ia cakap jangantah because her dad says that they're going to bring us some food to eat(awwww~). then, after i went food shopping with kak nong, her mom(my angah) called what we're going to eat for dinner(awww~), and i said that pijah already told me that she will bring food for us, so she said "owhhh~ bah." then when i just got into my room, abg apis knocked my door telling that abg ayum(my other uncle) had just bought us nasi bungkus(awww~) and now i don't know what's happen next, at least i know that kak nong was waiting for me right now down stairs since i told that i'm going to take a shower first, :d

this morning was nothing much, as i wanted to watch friends, si aming who slept over at my gramps house called me and she told me to get dressed because nene laki lanja us makan, so i took my morning shower, get dressed and went there. there i saw nene laki, abang amir, abang ee, abang apis, adi, pijah, aming and baby qilah, but baby qilah didn't join us. kali masa abis makn arh smewhere d kiulap, rupanya abang ee lanja us, nene laki pun tekajut. hat's because it's his first bonus since he just started working! thanks and congratz abang ee! nantitah ku lanja, chehh~ ahaha, well, i think that's it, i wanted to take a shower after this, batah krg abis kak nong nunggu aku, ehehe, CHOW!
today's routine
Tuesday, December 23, 20087:00 AM

hello there! i'm back, sory aku jrng sudahh updateee ahh, i'm bored! tomorrow malam my parents, si alip n si ilah ke Australia leaving us alone here!!!!!!! well, that's b'coz si ilah malar berangin(kmi nda mau jaga) n si alip kana suruh jaga tu si ilah ah, or ada task ia kna suruh buat, so aku tinggal d brunei -_____-. anyways~ since drng d sana with abg ajib, uncle asri, abg murad n abg apis menjaga kmi and sleepover here~ aduii~ mkan saja! maybe i'll just contorl myself with my eating habits, manakan, inda ke mana2 ah, aku mun inda tau apakan d buat makan saja ku tu ehh, well, inda pulang malar, but it's like more to eating than exercising, I WANNA GO TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!! drng celebrate my parents annaversary n abg ajib's b'day d sna despite yg drng d sana, soo me n my other family yg ada d brunei send greeting card saja arh abg ajib~ HAPPY ADVANCED 22ND BDAY BG!!!

soo~ as i was sayin, today, was an ordinary day, pagi i watched friends, den masa abis ke dapur mencari apakn d makan, anti masak butter chicken ygku ajar(hehehe) den abis atu me, si adi, si atim n si aming buat greeting card, mencari gambar d internet, den bapa pnggil, suruh aku n adi jalan bali paper card pasal ia inda balikan, takut salah, tarus ke kadai mobile kn fix my dad's, si alip's and my mobile(mine yg 3250) so aku mandi xp, bebaju trus jalan, dengan rambutku yg basah, pksa karingkan d dalam kreta, pasal bapa suruh jalan awl atu, den kmi ke arah serusop yg arah mobile repair service yyg ada arah bngunan ujung sekali, kami sudah cari parking dapan2, skali si adi bka pintunya belock, antah apakah, rusak x pintunya ah. ahaha, so kami trus ja ke bismi d sana bali paper card, actually it's hard paper yg bedesign atu but it's like kami ubahkan jdi paper card so it's like paper card, wth? apakn aku ah. anyways~ the point is membali the paper yg karas atu. lapas atu kami try arah dee jay d serusop, then urang atu cakap repair service yg d gadong atu saja, pasal d saja sja tmpat whatever, so kami keluar. we told uncle asri then he suggest ada kadai incomm jua d sana, ia keluar n tanya urang atu dapat usai telipunkah inda, so aku n adi wait in the car(by tha way, CONGRATZ UNCLE ASRI! BETUNANG SUDAH NIE!) hehehe. then, while uncle asri d sana, bapa called n tnya whats up, aku jawab, yg problemnya lah, alum lagi tecri, then, bapa suruh d incomm gadong saja, awu, akhirnya~ so kami ke incomm n usai mobile, yeay! den aku ngan si adi lapar so kami ke dream cone aku bali Gelato Boat n si adi bali Waffle Gelato. den balik, kak nong melagau, she made peanut butter cookies with the recipes i gave her, na menjadi but nyaman, eheh, only it's manis banget! after that kami balik sambung buat card sampai abis den aku tarus main nintendo wii, bratz the movie, n now aku sudah jammed! ahaha, dri patang until pukul 10.45, n now here i am.

panjang wah post ku ahh, actually aku ane kn pakai pictures tapinya inda mau ahh! banciku! len x ja, bh, CHOW!

Friday, December 5, 20089:23 PM

elew there~ saya baru habis mandi, pakan~ aha, nyway, si pijah n si izzah n si azmil sleptover at my house, they had a great time~ tadi aku masak sardine dalam tin yg baru atu yg ada flavour spicy lime~ bapa baru bali d malam, huhu, sedappp~ sama crackers

this morning since it's saturday, i purposely slept late and woke up late because there's no 'friends'. i mean the tv show called 'friends', i always watch them during monday to friday, let's just say, in the weekends, actually ada but it's in the tengah hari, like, right now, but apparently si alip main ps3nya, so i have no chance of watching them like as in back-to-back show, tapi biarkan tia, i think it's the encore for the past few days, i think, so tadi aku liat cerita 'Muppets Treasure Island' sama 'Home Alone 3' at starmuvees~ well that's all i can think of right now
childhood memories
Tuesday, December 2, 20085:14 AM

elew there~ sekali lagi, pakan~ aha, anyway~ in the past few days, since i'm bored, i went through my photo album when i was a kid, i didn't realise that it was me, so i would like to share with you guys some of the picture of me and my family and relatives when we were young and cute, ahaha

me and Izzah on our first Disney On Ice in Brunei, Snow White.

The popcorn is deeliciousss~ but not as deliciouss as the ice cone, i mean ice cup.

i'm going to get married, ahaha, nooo! it's my mandi belawat, i think, my parents help me to get ready.

i think it's my brother's birthday, not me.

awww~ i miss that baju, i think my mum donate it to my father's friend.


i'm famous at that time, chehh~ ahaha

my caring brother.

my mom holds me.

this picture is when i just woke up.

childhood memories, i'm having so much fun back then.

PEACE! back in 1999.

My first day of school on the way to Al-Falah.

my mummy says that i want to be a model at that time. HAHA

i just adore flowers.

the sun hits my eyes.

at grandparents house.

mandi belawat time!


me n my daddy n my mommy.

i love cameras.

my first pre-school graduation at st. george's parish hall.

i'm in the red mood.

i'm nervous.

i think this was at Jerudong Park.

i love my horsie.

i dunno who's the boy looking at me, but he's kinda cute, ahaha


Monday, December 1, 200810:10 PM

Tagged By Fieka, again
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that's all i could think off! kinda lazy at the moment, anyone can tagged this can't you?

Saturday, November 29, 20084:41 PM

tagged by FIEKA!

: T

cutee! paan~

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Friday, November 28, 20086:17 AM

tagged by MIMI!!!
what's the relationship of you with her?
-my loyal annoyed best friend

5 impression towards her.
- annoying in a different way(perfect way bahh)
- playful
- talk talk talk
- didn't pay attention in class but always get the right answers!( esp in maths!)
- always loud with si joanne

The most memorable thing that she said to you?
- Kindersss~

The most memorable thing that she have done to you?
- poke me with a cutter, sakit!

If she becomes your lover, you will...
- umm~ broke up with her?? AS A LOVER

If she becomes your enemy, you will...
- make peace(aha, i'm too scared)

If she becomes your love, she has to improve on....
- umm~ her brain?? cause she's gotta think clearly if she love's me like as in "LOVE LOVE"

If she becomes your enemy, the reason is?
- we compete with each other(especially the 'poking' thing)

The most desirable things to do on her is?
- buat baik, ahaha, as iff

The overall impression on her is?
- annoying(in a good way)

How do you think people around you feel about you?
- i dunno, tnya dorang

The character of you about yourself is?
- si penakut, sadang~ smetimes i'm si berani wannabe

On contrary, the character of yourself you hate is?
- penakut

The most ideal person you wanna be is?
- me, myself and i

For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.
-thnk you, tapi knapa? aha, paan
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